Enigma Blazer / Sound Absorbing Wall Hanging

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Worn on the body, hung on the wall as sound-absorbing art, or viewed as digital art, Design + Conquer's Enigma Blazer is as versatile as it is unique.

As clothing, the blazer is made from a single piece of acoustic felt, and folds around the body using scoring, slits and tabs, and is secured with premium snap fastenings. Made from 70% recycled post-consumer polyester, the design is also fully recyclable.

Unfolded and hung on the wall, the design functions as a sound-absorbing work of art. 3M command strips are provided with each purchase so that collectors can attach designs to their walls with zero damage to paint. The designs can even be placed on walls around corners for almost unlimited design possibilities.

Free worldwide standard shipping with tracking number on all designs in the Decrypt collection.

About the collection
Decrypt was inspired by the allied military codebreakers of WWII at Bletchley Park. Located 80 kilometers north of London, this country house and estate was commandeered by the British military and housed the Government Code and Cypher School during the Second World War. The extensive team at Bletchley Park is credited with—among many other achievements—developing the first ever programmable digital electronic computer, and shortening the war by two years. All work carried out at Bletchley Park remained classified until the mid-1970s.

Just like a coded message, each design in Decrypt is not as it seems. Each piece shifts covertly from clothing, to sound-absorbing art, to digital asset. The acoustic felt used in Decrypt is also not what it seems—it is made from 70% post-consumer polyester. rPET (recycled polyester) takes approximately 59% less energy to produce than virgin polyester, and is of comparable quality. (Source: Swiss Federal Office for the Environment).

Reducing and eliminating the use of plastics is essential...but what do we do with the plastics that already exist? Decrypt strives to be a part of the answer.

+ Small / Medium
Bust: 33" – 37" | Waist 25" – 30.5" | Hips 35" – 38.5"
+ Large / Extra Large
Bust: 37.5"– 41.5" | Waist 31" – 35" | Hips 39 – 43
+ All sizes are beautiful! Contact us at info@deisgn-and-conquer.com for questions and custom sizing.

+ Can be worn on the body or unfolded and placed on the wall as functional, sound-absorbing art
+ Felt is 3 mm thick
+ Each piece is fully recyclable
+ Available in blue or green colourways
+ Each design comes with 3M Command strips for hanging (and re-hanging) on walls
+ Noise Reduction Coefficient approximately 0.2 per square meter
+ Limited edition
+ Each piece ​is limited edition and ​signed and numbered by designer Morgan Mallett
Free standard worldwide shipping
+ Made in Vancouver, Canada

​Product Details + Care
+ Flat dimensions (Small / Medium): 158.2 cm x 89 cm / 62.2" x 35"
+ 100% polyester felt, 70% of which is recycled
+ 100% vegan and cruelty-free
+ Spot clean only with a cloth very gently with mild soap and water. A great way to clean makeup off our felt is to spray on a small amount of gentle makeup remover like Musst. Always spot test first!