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Fresh Footage of DC Designs in Thailand







Our Racer earrings dodge traffic on the bustling streets of Thailand, our Lounge earrings explore the jungle, and more! Click here to view Dutch filmmaker Robert Anderson's stunning video, or click on the video above. 

DC Goes Dutch in Thailand








It's true—our designs are more traveled than we are! Here are some recent photos from Dutch Design label MLY's 2013 shoot in Thailand, where various DC designs were photographed with MLY's new collection.

Design + Conquer earrings snapped in the shoot include our [orange] Delegate earrings, [green] Lounge earrings, and our popular [white and neon pink] Racer earrings. Click on the earrings listed to buy, and spy more at



Bear Mountain: August's Guest Conqueror


Design + Conquer Do it [Yourself] BSG Tank Top


DC Do it Yourself

DC and Denis Gagnon


DC + Denis Gagnon