DC Takes it to the Trails














Actions speak louder than words, so this summer, Design + Conquer headed into the wilderness of North Vancouver and got dirty! We teamed up with North Shore Ride, Different Bikes and Steed Cycles to help restore two iconic trails on the North Shore: Boogieman and Empress. The world-renound—and enormous—trail system on the North Shore is used all year by hikers, mountain bikers and [our favourites] trail runners. As you can imagine, the trails need regular TLC to keep them running smoothly [pun intended], and to preserve the rain forest that surrounds them.


Similar to the 'adopt a highway' concept, the North Shore's Trail Adoption Program [TAP] enables organizations to adopt and take responsibility for a section of North Shore trail. NSRide and Different Bikes have joined forces to maintain Empress, and Steed Cycles cares for Boogieman [both trails are on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver]. Design + Conquer tagged along to help both groups move rocks, dig holes, split logs, carry lumber, and document the process. See above DC-edited video of NSRide's trail maintenance activities.


Trail restoration days are headed by trained outdoor gurus, and all volunteers need to do is show up and help out. Want to join the fun? Visit nsmba.ca and sign up for the next event. Lunch is provided, and it's a great way to get dirty and give back.



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