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Earlier this summer we had the honour of designing a custom neckpiece for Dark Drive Clinic and Stripmall Architecture lead singer Rebecca Coseboom. Always game for innovation [and so much fun to work with], Rebecca was hunting for a design that not only was unique, but that also functioned well during her intense stage performances. So...we set to work. 


The necklace was first prototyped in paper on a dress form, adjustments were made, and measurements were taken to ensure an accurate fit. We hand-set some classic DC flexible plastic polymer, added some opalescent pigment to our top secret recipe...cut and fused the design...et voilà. The light and flexible polymer is fantastic, not only because of its adaptability, but because it gently relaxes onto the body when worn. This makes it very comfortable to wear, and perfect for dominant stage designs.


Having only corresponded with Rebecca via email, and wanting to see the band perform in person, we had the opportunity to meet them at a performance in Portland, Oregon. Once we got past US customs [note: aggressive-looking neckpiece equals puzzled guards and secondary searches!] and marauded through Washington State, we delivered the design and met Rebecca, Ryan Coseboom, and John Fryer at the concert venue. Not only was the band's performance spectacular, but so was Portland.


The photos above are some shots of Design + Conquer's 'Drive' necklace from a recent Stripmall Architecture performance in San Francisco. Rumour has it that the design will make an appearance in an upcoming music video...stay tuned! Visit Dark Drive Clinic's site here, and Stripmall Architecture's here. View more DC + Rebecca Coseboom here.


Photos by Design + Conquer, Natty Dagger and Stripmall Architecture.

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