Design + Conquer Do it [Yourself] BSG Tank Top

We accidentally put our tank tops on backwards the other day...and here's the result:

Inspiration: The Battlestar Galactica unisex tank top.

Gear you'll need for your Design + Conquer DIY mission:

-Two identical racer back tank tops  
-Sewing machine 
-Seam ripper 
-Bonus: Studio cat willing to photobomb your process photos!

1 Hunt for two identical inexpensive racer back tank tops. 

DC DO IT [yourself] tip: buy one size larger that you would normally purchase to allow for seams. We found ours at H&M for only $7! Also, try on the tanktop backwards first, to make sure the racer back proportions work well with your shape.

2 Seam rip or cut the two sides of the tank top apart, including the tops of the shoulders.
DC DIY Tip: Thin fabric can be tricky/fragile to seam rip, so cutting the sides apart can be a better [and faster] option.

3 Match up racerback sides of the tank tops [put aside the non-racerback sides of the tank tops so you don't get them mixed up—you can make another non-Battlestar-style tank top later].

DC DIY Tip: Make sure both of the racer back sides are facing the wrong way out, so that you can pin them easily and begin sewing.

4 Pin the two racerback sides together [tops of shoulders and sides only].

5 Sew the sides and tops of shoulders, and clip off any extra thread, etc. Turn the tank top right-side out and see how it fits. Make adjustments as needed.

6 Accessorize with your favourite Design + Conquer earrings! We recommend DC's battle-ready Preset earrings:

BSG tanktop + DC Preset earrings = Happy hunting!

The tank top in action: The top we chose to work with was loose-fitting and had translucent fabric. We layered it over a black strapless top for a retro-inspired twist.

You and your new BSG-inspired tank top are ready for combat!

Happy Conquering,

Design + Conquer

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